This is what local people have told us:

    “Getting up in the morning and looking after myself; having friends and family”

     - Joyce 79, Jesmond

    “Being able to access support and counselling/therapies for eating disorders, freely available and in a non-stigmatising setting. People don’t always want to go via their GP”

    Anne 58, Spital Tongues

    “Help and support to be available if/when it’s needed. Local groups to go to in the area, the freedom programme”

    Maxine 38, Arthurs Hill

    “Being part of a happy community, not only do we have no community centre but the only thing that comes close, the library, is closing for 10 days over the festive season"

     - Anne 53, Jesmond

    “Good health, spread love around, being unselfish! “Tai Chi” is the best exercise for body, mind and spirit, when old good for improvement" 

     - Connie 73, Walker

    “Friendly people in shops and cafes, lots of green spaces. Attractive, friendly, either old or new, a lot less traffic – Initiatives to reduce pollution "

    - Janice 48, Walker

    “It means having a healthy mind in a healthy fit body so that I realise my full potential”

     - Maria 75, Jesmond

    “Being able to travel on buses without people playing loud music, disregarding other passengers”

     - Anne 58, West Denton

    “Keep safe”

     - Louise 24, Gosforth

    “That you are fit and well and that all aspects of your life are looked at, physical health and mental health”

     - Susan 45, Whitley Bay

    “Domestic Violence”

     - Tammy 30, Lemington

     “Keeping safe, Domestic Violence support”

    - Natalie 24, Elswick

     “Feeling in good health and well”

    - Joyce 71, Monkseaton

    “That I’m happy and safe in my area. To have the choice and ability to do activities and meet new people”

    - Sheila 51, Westerhope

    “God be willing to have a good day”

    - Margaret 69, Whitley Bay

    “Good health until I die, vibrant and diverse social networks, equitable distribution of resources to achieve a thriving neighbourhood. A secure public environment”

    - James 74, Newcastle

     “Looking well, feeling well, looking forward and never looking back. Not feeling neglected or invisible, not being patronised or marginalized”

    - Trish 68, Newcastle

    “Feeling safe in my house and having my needs appreciated physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also being free to express these without comments from others”

    - Val 46, Newcastle

    “Knowing I live in a place where the vulnerable are cared for and everyone has good shelter, and the opportunity for education and employment”

    - Catherine 32, Benwell

    “Waking each morning, Good health, having good family and friends, having a place to live and good things to eat. Having just enough money to live on”

     - Edith 74, Newcastle

    “Being able to stand up straight, physically (very important) socially/morally and financially”

    - Lorna 84, Jesmond  

    “Being Mobile”

     - Kathie 75, Whitley Bay

    “Good health, both mentally and physically. Having family and friends around to support me when needed and to talk things through. Social activity and sense of purpose”

     - Audrey 59, Kingston Park

    “Being fit and well and able to live fulfilling and healthy retirement”

     - Mariann 62, Meadow Rise

    “Financial stability 100% equality being part of a team, working together”

     - Glen 21, Newbiggin Hall

    “It means being fit and healthy and able to access health facilities and exercise and be able to have the minimum of stress and to live a contended life”

     - Terry 61, Fenham

    “Being happy with my life and having good health”

      - Margaret 60, Scrogg Road

    “Making sure that there are doctors available when I am not feeling well”

     - David 37, Jesmond

    “My own and my partners health, a warm, comfortable house, a friendly, safe neighbourhood, a city full of activities, a country that cares about people”

     - Robert 77 Newcastle

    "Body, mind and spirit being generally at ease. A sense of peace that transends particular circumstances that would otherwise be disturbing"

    - John 56, Newcastle

    "Wellbeing means to me peace of mind and healthy body that goes for all people living in Newcastle. Fairness in equality of diversity for all"

    - John 68, Arthurs Hill

    "Physical and emotional balance in daily living"

    - Denise, Co Durham

    "It means being healthy and happy, any sort of exercise in groups - not stuck in the gym, being able to buy healthy food (sometimes hard to find) and interest groups"

     - Joan 70, High Heaton

    "Wellbeing to me means to be content and serene and I get that by reminding or being reminded of being a noble and spiritual being, engaged in service to others especially those in my neighbourhood e.g. Children and Young people"

      - Vickie 52, Kenton