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    Attendess at the Summit 2011Newcastle’s second Wellbeing and Health Summit took place on Tuesday 19 July 2011 in the Banqueting Hall at Newcastle Civic Centre.

    The Summit created an opportunity for over 140 people from different organisations who are involved in improving wellbeing and health in the city to come together to:

    • Consider the new context that will shape our work in the future
    • Reflect on our own, and others’ contribution, to improving wellbeing and health
    • Learn what data tells us about the wellbeing and health of people in Newcastle
    • Be part of conversations about the work we need to do to:
              • address social determinants of health; 
              • improve the capacity of communities to identify and act on issues that impact on their own, and others, health and wellbeing; and, 
              • make sure people get high quality services they need
    • Spark new connections
    • Work with people from other organisations and partnerships to generate momentum for ongoing workLeader of the Council, Nick Forbes, addressing delegates at the Wellbeing and Health Summit 2011


    The Summit was opened by Councillor Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council and Newcastle’s Lead Politician for our participation in World Health Organisation (WHO) European Healthy City Network.  Cllr Forbes made a speech which emphasized the links between inequalities, health and wellbeing and the importance of acting now to address the social determinants of health and wellbeing.


    Summit design and facilitation

    As soon as participants arrived at the Banqueting Hall they had the opportunity to browse two displays.

    “We’ve come a long way…” celebrated the progress we have made since the first Summit in January 2010.  It included a series of posters which demonstrated how people followed up on the pledges they made at that Summit.  It also included a series of collages giving examples of the richness of activity that has been going on under each of the themes at the stalls in the Summit 2010 marketplace.

    Poster: there's more to do“…there’s more to do” provided a display of posters which provided data about wellbeing and health in Newcastle.  The posters told a story about:

    • who lives in Newcastle,
    • how long they live,
    • how well they live, and
    • what shapes their wellbeing and health.

    These posters were used as part of the activity on Finding out about wellbeing and health in Newcastle.

    Each participant was pre-allocated to a table where they worked with up to eight other people for the whole day.  As far as possible, the groups were mixed so that people were learning with and from others that they would not usually meet.

    Participants were invited to make the day a success for themselves and others by:

    • Connecting
    • Being pro-active
    • Taking notice
    • Continually learning
    • Giving

    Helen Wilding, Wellbeing and Health Partnership Coordinator and Barbara Douglas, Older Peoples’ Strategic Board Coordinator introduced the different parts of the programme and participants also used a workbook that provided reference materials, activity summaries and space for them to make their own notes.

    The day’s programme was as follows:

    • Ways of thinking about wellbeing and health: a quick reminder
    • Getting to know those on your table
    • Finding out about wellbeing and health in Newcastle (included a comfort break)
    • Considering how what we do influences the future
    • Understanding key areas of action
    • Making the most of the lunch break
    • Focusing in on action
    • Considering our readiness to deliver
    • Putting Newcastle on the front cover
    • Changing what you do
     Final words…
    • Time for networking