Participants were then asked to draw on their creative skills! Putting Newcastle on the front cover

    They were invited to imagine that we have ‘got it right’ – that Newcastle has a coherent and vibrant way of working in partnership to create a city where everyone enjoys good health and wellbeing.  Newcastle has made significant progress on the critical success factors especially the areas participants have identified as important.  Resources are tight, but everyone is confident we’re using them to best effect.

    They were asked to imagine that Newcastle has been recognised as an exemplar and as a result the “World Health Organisation magazine” have asked the city to provide the front cover and key headlines for a special issue on what we are doing, so that other cities can learn from our experiences – both good and bad.

    Tables were provided with a template and asked to populate its sections as follows:

    • ‘Brainstorming’ is for initial ideas for the cover story
    • ‘Quotes’ can be from anyone as long as they are related to the story
    • ‘Cover’ tells the big story of our success
    • ‘Headlines’ conveys the substance of the cover story
    • ‘Sidebars’ reveal interesting facets of the cover story
    • ‘Images’ are for supporting the content with illustrations.

    You can view the results of each tables work using the links below:

    Table 1

    Table 2

    Table 3

    Table 4

    Table 5

    Table 6

    Table 7

    Table 8

    Table 9

    Table 10

    Table 11

    Table 12

    Table 13

    Table 14

    Table 15

    Table 16

    Table 17



    What happened next? - Changing what you do

    Selection of participants 'front covers'