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    The Wellbeing for Life Board chose to create a Wellbeing for Life strategy that aimed to:

    • communicate priorities and intentions to those who are not directly involved, including building necessary background knowledge
    • provide a framework (including a shared language) for collective action around wellbeing and health in the city
    • provide a driver within which Newcastle City Council, NHS Newcastle West Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Newcastle North and East Commissioning Group and NHS England develop their commissioning plans
    • provide a driver within which all partners frame their own organisational priorities and workplans.

    The Wellbeing for Life strategy fulfills the statutory requirement for a Health and Wellbeing strategy.

    The first version of the Wellbeing for Life strategy was agreed by the Board in September 2013 and was subsequently endorsed by Newcastle City Council and approved by the Joint Governing Bodies of Newcastle's two Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

    You can download the Wellbeing for Life strategy here.

    We have also produced a brochure that provides an at-a-glance overview of the Wellbeing for Life strategy's ambition and framework for action.  Some pages of the brochure are also suitable as display materials.  This is available to download/view in full or page by page below.

    View/download full brochure. Please note that the fourth page of this pdf is best printed at A2 size.

    View/download front cover of the brochure.

    View/download introductory page of the brochure.

    View/download page of the brochure that highlights Newcastle's ambition and compares lifelines in different parts of the city.

    View/download fold out poster from the brochure showing strategy framework.  Please note that this is best printed at A2 size.

    View/download back page of the brochure of the five ways to wellbeing for life.