In our meetings, we regularly use terms like health, wellbeing, health inequalities, and, health improvement.  But have you ever given any thought to what is meant by the terms and whether everyone else means the same thing?

    As part of our work as a WHO Designated Healthy City, we are keen to promote a common understanding of these terms. So, we are in the process of developing a range of mythbuster materials.

    First off the press, is Newcastle's Mythbuster Guide to Wellbeing and Health.  It can be used as a handout in meetings and can supplement more formal reports on related issues.  The guide is in a pilot phase at the moment, so we are keen to hear your comments on what works and what you think could be improved.

    Secondly, we have written a set of prompts for people who are developing a policy, strategy, plan or project and are keen to make that plan into a health improving plan.

    We are also planning other materials including:

    • a PowerPoint presentation
    • suggested format and materials for an hour-long training session

    Please come back here soon to see how we are getting on!