Participants browsed ‘stalls’ at the Wellbeing and Health Marketplace for information about the varied range of partnership initiatives aimed at improved at wellbeing. 

    Stalls were ‘topic-based’ (e.g. Healthy Settings) rather than partner-based, so partners could work collaboratively to develop and run the stall.

    The materials on display on each of the 19 stalls are available below.  Each set of materials includes an overview of the 'topic' itself, as well as practical examples about work that is being done in this area, and key contacts for additional information.


    A healthy and safe lifestyle

    Healthy settings

    Early intervention, treatment and care

    A suitable home to live in

    A neighbourhood to enjoy

    Getting out and about easily

    Places to go and activities and learning to take part in

    Playing a part in shaping the future of Newcastle

    Included in and contributing to community life

    Improving the environment

    Ensuring a great start to life

    Being informed

    My services, my way

    Cohesive communities

    Safe at home and in care

    Managing money

    Getting and staying in a suitable job

    Dignity and respect

    A peaceful and dignified end of life