On this page you can find all the information displayed on the 'Getting out and about easily...by community transport' Travel Zone at the Movement and Access Plan event.

    Facts and figures

    What do we know?

    What does the data tell us?

    Map 1 - getting to the supermarket by community transport (pdf, 2.64MB)

    Map 2 - getting to primary schools by community transport (pdf, 2.97MB)

    Map 3 - getting to the GP by community transport (pdf, 2.81MB)

    Map 4 - getting to the library by community transport (pdf, 2.67MB)

    Sources of information

    What's happening in Newcastle?

    What's happening elsewhere? - good practice examples

    Who we need to work with (partners)

    Views from...

    The Elders' Council

    Westerhope Community Partnership

    Discussions on the day

    Notes from morning and afternoon sessions (pdf, 168KB)

    Some pictures from the day

    Sharing views on community transport

    Looking at information on community transport