18 February 2011 - by invitation

    We all want to travel in a way that is good for our health and good for the environment but sometimes the simplest things can make this difficult especially if you are very young, very old or have a disability.  How we travel from A to B encompasses more than public transport routes, think for example of pavements, pathways, seats to rest on along the way and the amount of time you have to cross a road.


    Newcastle City Council’s Environment and Regeneration Directorate are developing a Movement and Access Plan for Newcastle with a key aim of facilitating the ability of everyone to reach their destination in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.


    We know that there have been many conversations about these issues within the Wellbeing and Health Partnership and its Strategic Boards over recent months.  We are therefore joining forces with the Children's Trust and the Environment and Regeneration Directorate to hold an event to help bring the plan together.  As everyone won’t be able to fit in even the biggest conference room on the day, we are inviting community groups to prepare posters that will be used as part of the material discussed by participants.

    If you are part of a community group and would like to prepare a poster, then you need to use the templates below.  You can complete one or more templates depending on which forms of travelling you would like to make comments on.  The templates include some instructions on what to do so that all the different posters are in a standard style.


    Use the links below to get the template(s) you want to use.  You will need to save them to your own computer before you can add your group's comments.

    Getting out and about easily by foot

    Getting out and about easily by wheelchair or electric scooter

    Getting out and about easily by bicycle

    Getting out and about easily by bus

    Getting out and about easily by taxi

    Getting out and about easily by Metro

    Getting out and about easily by car or by motorcycle

    Getting out and about easily by community transport

    Getting out and about easily by specialised vehicle

    If you have any queries about the community posters please contact Clare Hodgson, Community Engagement and Empowerment Officer, Newcastle City Council on 07855 825754 or email clare.hodgson@newcastle.gov.ukFor general enquiries about the Getting out and about easily event, please use the form on Contact Us.