Particpants introducing themselves to their colleaguesParticipants were invited to introduce themselves to others on their table.  In addition to their name and where they came from, they used one or more of the conceptual models or frameworks to explain their contribution to improving wellbeing and health in Newcastle.

    Once participants had all introduced themselves they spent some time thinking about how they could work together for the rest of the day.

    Table groups needed to manage their own time, discussion, ideas and reports.  To help with this one person on each table took responsibility for each of the following roles:

    • Timekeeper
      Keeping the group aware of the time.
    • Discussion leader
      Making sure that each person who wants to speak is heard within the time available.  Keep the group on track to finish on time.
    • Reporter
      Writing the group’s ideas on flipcharts, using the speaker’s words.  If the idea is long, ask the person to restate it briefly.

    What happened next? - Finding out about wellbeing and health in Newcastle