Table groups continued to focus on the allocated area of action.

    What the group wrote about what we need to do differentlyThey built on their earlier discussions to think about what we need to do differently:

    • What are the things we need to start doing?
    • What are we currently doing that we can or should stop?
    • What are we doing now that works and should continue?

    They recorded their discussions on flipchart paper.

    View notes made by Tables 1 to 6 who were discussing “make sure people get high quality services they need”

    View notes made by Tables 7 to 12 who were discussing “improve the capacity of communities to identify and act on issues that impact on their own, and others, health and wellbeing”

    View notes made by Tables 13 to 17 who were discussing “address social determinants of health”

    What happened next? - Considering our readiness to deliver