Gina Tiller, Chair of Newcastle Primary Care Trust closed the Summit by reflecting on the energy and enthusiasm that she had seen in the room.

    Gina Tiller, Chair of Newcastle Primary Care TrustShe thanked the colleagues from different organisations who contributed to preparing all the displays in the room – the pledges and collages on “We've come a long way” and the data posters we worked with.  She also thanked the Summit organisation team who worked hard behind the scenes to bring about a successful event.

    And finally, she thanked everyone for coming but stressed that the job does not end here.  She encouraged participants to go away and continue conversations with their colleagues and in their networks.  She explained that in that way everyone can be part of building awareness to act – one of those critical success factors participants had been looking at

    Participants were provided with a feedback form to complete on the day.  The responses were positive and overwhelmingly positive in favour of other similar events in the future.